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“I can’t thank you enough Stacey for all your support! You are a wonderful lady! You have been my councillor as well as a friend, always been there to answer my questions when at the beginning I didn’t think I would be able to do it! Even down to my special pizza delivery! Anyone thinking of going to see Stacey she really is the best! I’ve been going to the doctors for years and never got anywhere! A few months after meeting with Stacey and I was seeing positive results! I really have never felt better!! Thank you so much for everything, I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done this without your help and motivation xxxx”

Lynsey Kirkham



“Stunning well-informed consultation with Stacey yesterday who offers sensible and achievable guidance on how to re-balance your body through the food we eat.”

“The fabulous advice from Stacey has made sure that I have really enjoyed the Mediterranean food whilst on holiday. Thanks again Stacey your advice has really worked.”

Felicity Newbold

“Stacey had helped me through my current weight loss. The meal plan and nutrition advice is beyond brilliant. It has been a major factor in my weight loss. Always there to help and provides excellent advice. Would recommend highly to anyone.”

Josh Murphy

“Stacey is an excellent practitioner with fantastic knowledge and experience. She’s got such a lovely energy with lots of compassion for her clients. I’ve seen her in practice and really admire her work – Scarborough’s lucky to have her  ”  

Natasha Boojihawon

“After years of upset stomach problems, docs pills and different medicines. I went to see Stacey at Nutrition 24/7. Had a blood test that highlighted I was intolerant to yeast, wheat and cows milk.

Just one week later after cutting these three out of my diet I feel so much better I really honestly can’t believe the change I have so much more energy and feel so alive.

Thanks to Nutrition 24/7 anyone and everyone should try it.”

Paul Baker



“Best money I’ve spent doing this and getting help at Nutrition 24/7 with Stacey Austin. 2/3 years in and out the doctors because of a severe sore throat and developed anxiety through it all. Doctors tried giving me pills, I had tonsillectomy, PH testing, barium swallow and endoscopy with doctors not able to do anything but offer me tablets. One week into seeing her and feeling million times better and no wonder I felt like I did. No more, steak, beef burgers, lattes, pizza or chocolate on cheat day 😂😂looking forward to keeping working with Stacey and getting back on top. Might even start playing football again. ⚽️👊🏋🚴”

Robbie Hawkes